Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Closing up Shop: February

This month was busy busy biii-zeee. But great. I've been doing a lot lately, so my blogging has fallen off, but once March starts and I start getting used to my new schedule, I'll be good again.So here was my month. Hope yours was as good as mine.

Bible Reading:
Finished Deuteronomy and started with Joshua. I also think I found out some answers to the questions. Moses didn't get to go to the Promise Land because he struck the rock instead of speaking to it. I actually missed this one too when I was reading, but that's what Joyce Meyer said and she'd know a lot more about everything than I do, so I'll go with her. Still, if I missed it while reading this year (and last year too) I can see how he missed those instructions too. The consequences of a sometime skimming reader/listener.

I'm working again! Yay! Getting used to my new job, but I think (I hope) it's going well and I'm doing well. There's no need to go in and do a poor job, but I am trying my best and striving to get better every day. With the paychecks, I hope to be able to re-take back over my bills by the end of April. I'd also love to build up my savings again, but we'll see. I'd rather get some things paid off sooner than have general savings. I will be saving up for classes and grad school, but that's a separate thing.

Check. I took a little break after the conference to kind of rest and catch up on some house things (which didn't really even happen so oops on me) but I'll be getting back into the swing at church tomorrow morning and will also be starting a new opportunity soon that I'm super stoked about.

Started another new story (again) Really want to finish some of them, but I guess that'll become a weekend thing. When I start having weekends again (the last five have been busy)

I've done well not doing what I said I wouldn't; doing the two new things (clean/organize every day and write every day) not so much. Once I start getting these in check, my Lent will start, so I won't be breaking Lent on Easter like everyone else because I want to do the full 40 days.

Never Have I Ever:
For February, it was eating at Schultz Garten and gotten my car towed (long story). (Pictures forthcoming) I gotta get out of the restaurant thing. That's been my go-to for a few months, but I should start doing other things as well.

Bucket List:
I've decided to do a 25 by 25. So far, I've taken care of 12 items on my list, so by next January, I need to do 13 more items. (Better than having to do 25 new things by then.)

Goals for March:
1. Continue Bible reading
2. Keep searching for opportunities to learn more about other religions
3. Start Lent for real...
4. Be able to keep up with my schedule and (crosses fingers) schedule in a bit more time for me. 
5. Find a Never Have I Ever that doesn't involve eating
6. Cross a bucket list item off my list
7. Finish a story...any story...
8. Blog more :)

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Since last season's finale...

I've always thought that my life is split into chapters. I guess my lifelong love for reading is behind this, but there you have it. However, the more time I spend in church and around church people, I always hear them calling it seasons. So, since my last post, I've changed seasons. Or, I've turned the page. Either way, there have been some changes in the past twelve days. I would say thanks to months of hard work or perseverance, but it's really neither. I've just gotten extremely lucky and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I have now.

I started working officially on Friday. I'm getting used to it because I've never dealt with three and four year olds before. I've always been around the babies/pre-verbal toddlers or older kids, but I hope to get better every day. It will be nice to financially contribute to my life again. I wasn't raised to depend on others and it's been tough having to ask my mother for money. I really didn't have to do that at fourteen (between mowing my dad's lawn and other odds and ends, I was able to buy what I wanted without having to ask) so having to do it at twenty four seems like a step back. But I'm lucky because I've found a job doing something I love to do and I hope to remain there until I move away for grad school next August.

Digging through Deuteronomy:
Can I say that this book has been tough to get through? It kind of has. It's just so weird for me to really read it and process it living with a 2012 mentality. Very different indeed, but I'm almost finished with it and thus the First Five (I've been told these are the hardest to get through and it gets easier from there)

Lent started today. Every year for the past several years (yes, even before I started going to church again) I've given up something. Previous entries have been meat (2006, still a vegetarian) cursing (2008, haven't cursed since) and dessert (2011...had a dessert Easter Monday...yeah, but I made it through the 40 days). A couple of years ago, I also started to do something for Lent last year (writing every day and doing something nice for someone else). That actually made it more fun. I got to focus on what I was trying to start instead of focusing on what I stopped doing.

For Lent this year, I've given up apple juice and continued with not watching the Real Housewives on Bravo from the One Month to Live Challenge. I know apple juice is good for me, but I can get serious when it comes to it. Don't let me go to a restaurant and find out that they're out. That kind of ruins the whole meal for me (especially when it's breakfast). With that said, anything that can wreck your entire day that's so meaningless in the grand scheme of things should probably be something to step away from until you gain a better perspective. And there you have it.

What I'll start doing is continue with what I did last year by trying to write something every day. I'll also continue to search for ways to do something for others, but I'll be adding doing one thing cleaning or organizing wise here at home each day. I've kind of let things go over the past couple of weeks since I've been really busy. Lie. I've really let things go. It's time to bring it on back to where it should be. This is also a good time to finish all those projects I've started over the past few months, but lost steam and set them aside.

Still chugging along with that. The class ends in May...but I don't...yes, I think I'm finally going to take the plunge and spend my last year or so before grad school taking some classes. I have to have 25 hours of education each year for daycare work, so I'll be taking a couple of classes to help satisfy that requirement. I also want to get back into the groove of Creative Writing classes since that's what I want to get my M.F.A. in. Then, there's Journalism. I know. Left field, but I've wanted to study it for years and work at a newspaper. I let myself be talked out of it when I was entering college, but it never left my mind. Now, I have the time and desire to do it again. I think I'm going to take the plunge and do it.

The school's not that far away and I'd be paying in-district tuition which made the opportunity economical and doable. Between the classes and the experience working for the campus paper (fingers crossed) I'll have some experience that will make me a better candidate once I start grad school. One of the ways I hope to finance a part of my program will be working for the paper since a lot of them compensate. Even if they don't, it's still valuable experience that I can use one day in my career and that right there pays for itself.

Never Have I Ever (pictures forthcoming):
This weekend, I went out of town with one of my best friends to attend the party of another best friend (and get some sightseeing in and some school business handled since this semester is an online class). I ate at Scholz Garten (had a yummy baked potato) and had my car towed! (I never said every Never Have I Ever was good, but it was a learning experience none the less) And I feel like a bonafide college student now. I'm just about the last person that I know who's never had their car towed, so now I feel amongst my peers. I can tell you however, after that experience, never will I ever let that happen again!

There's this season's premiere. I hope these story archs have happy endings! :D

Until next time...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crazy Busy Days and Other Randomness

Actually, it probably isn't crazy busy for other people, but the past couple of weeks have been busier than usual for me. I'm not used to doing so many different activities at once (at least, not by choice). It's become kind of exhilarating. Every day, I wake up with something to do and it's always something I want to do or have decided to do. Next week will be more of the same. The week after *fingers crossed* I start working again!!! *tres excited*

A managed to catch a lull this afternoon. Right now, I'm watching a movie I've been wanting to see for months and researching grad schools. I'm bubbling over with excitement because one of my dream schools now has a writing program. Years ago, my dad started putting restrictions on where I'd be allowed to go and still receive his financial help. As the restrictions grew, my dreaming all but ceased. Why bother thinking about something that'll never happen, right? But there's a chance this could happen. It's like I'm coming full circle and getting to do the dreaming that I never got to do when beginning my undergrad work.

Education is my number one priority right now. I remained focused on that instead of most things women my age are. Most people I know have kids by now and are in long term relationships or married. I've made the choice not to think about those kind of things until I'm done. Then, with a career, I'll be able to help financially take care of any family I might one day have. If nothing else, I'll be able to financially take care of myself; something I've yet to be able to do full time. Another thing I love about this is the options that I can make for myself after I'm done. If I want to work full time, I can. If and when I start a family, I can take time off, and then I can work part time.

More importantly, the reason I'm continuing on is because I can. Two generations isn't that long ago in the grand scheme of things and until then, women and minorities didn't have the educational opportunities we have now. Because of that, I want to take advantage of everything that people worked so hard to give us. It's not just me I go to school for. It's everyone before me who wanted to go somewhere, but couldn't. It's for those who gave their lives or their bodies so the people who came after them could experience a better life.

If I ever have children, I hope I pass on a love for learning and the fact that for the longest time, education wasn't the right it should've been, but a privilege that so many weren't allowed to take part in. If I don't have kids (which is where I'm currently leaning towards for a variety of reasons) I have cousins and my friend's children. Maybe some of my love for it can rub off on them.

For now, I'm going to go dream some more.

Until next time...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Closing Up Shop: January 2012

Sorry I'm a day or two late with this. Yesterday was crazy busy (in a good way). January itself was actually pretty busy for me. And yes, I'm totally using Dan Patrick's sign off segment as the title of this entry. Love me some DP! And the Danettes too!

Bible Reading/Religion Study:
  • Finished Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. Started reading Numbers. 
  • Found a copy of the Bhagavad Gita (book of Hindu scriptures) at the library. Will start reading as soon as I finish writing my paper. Which leads me to...

  • Started the last class in my post-grad program (:D)

  • Started two new stories and wrote a song
  • Did some editing around with the stories that I've already written
  • Spend most of this month reading Stephen King's On Writing. Totally a must-read for writers or for people who like to write in my opinion.

  • I got to spend some time helping out at church

  • After three rounds of application filling outing (???) and resume sending this month, I think I may have finally hit paydirt (or paycheck, as it were) *keeping fingers crossed*
  • did some organizing on top of my regular cleaning here at the apartment-stead
  • took care of a Bucket List item (visited Southfork)
  • Another Never Have I Ever taken care of (eaten at Anamia's)
  • Had an awesome birthday!!!! :)

And now, some goals for February:

Bible reading: continue reading daily

Religion study: start reading the Bhagavad Gita

School: keep doing well

Writing: Write more. Edit more.

Volunteering: keep doing what I'm doing and find more to do time and ability permitting.

Employment: keep a job in one of my desired career areas. I got laid off in September and put on hold in November, but I worked really hard to get the necessary education to be looked at for this, so I'm not ready to give up on one of my longest dreams that haven't been attacked. Of course, I can just find any job that pays legal cash, but I want to do something that I'm happy with. I don't want to settle again.

Miscellaneous: finding this month's Never Have I Ever and Bucket List item, complete some of these massive arts/organization projects I started late last year (I'm a great starter, but finishing something is usually my kryptonite) and start cooking more. Maybe even learn how to make/follow a meal plan. Would be nice to decrease the grocery bill...

Currently Reading

My other textbook for the class I'm in. It's actually pretty good. The ideas here transcend teaching philosophy, so it can easily be implemented into any classroom. My paper's due on Sunday, but it's only 2-3 pages (as an English major, my hardest job will be condensing my thoughts into only 2-3 pages!!!)