Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Yesterday's Word Count: 2,254/1,667
Total Word Count so far: 2,356/3,334

Today's goal: To be honest, probably won't get to Monstrosity #1 (who now has a name least for the moment it does: Mute) today because I've got homework due and I'm taking my English TExES tomorrow afternoon. First things first, ya dig? But if I do carve out some time, today and the next few days will be spent reading what I already have, cutting and pasting, and adding/subtracting what needs to be done to make Mute flow well.

Goals Before 11/12 (my first-week-in Checkpoint): Be 10,000 words into Mute and still be somewhat on the plan my outline has created; have those 10,000 words somewhat polished because I edit/revise as I go because I may not remember what I wanted to add or change later on. 

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