Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Been a Long Time...

My bad. Good news: my testing is done!!! I passed all three of my TExES tests and did well on my GRE! Just have to pay for the certification and fingerprinting and then I will be done with my certification. Also,  90% done with my grad school apps and still managed to pull a 4.0 this semester. The grades don't really mean much because I hold myself to the standard that anything less than an A is a fail, so that part is just handling my business.

Creative portfolio is also done and that was the most tedious part out of the whole process.

Also been busy reading like a feign. Books and articles about financial matters, writing and building your platform mainly. Good knowledge to have and now, I'm in the process of putting what I've learned to action.

Currently Listening To:
Black Prairie's "How Do You Ruin Me?" and pressing replay on YouTube like a madwoman.

Random Update:
Rabid football fan here. Going to try to watch all 35 of them this year. I've never made it all the way through before, so we'll see. Good so far. Watched both on Saturday (as well as some of the D-II championship) and am currently watching BYU vs. San Diego State (yes, while listening to a song and posting this...multitasking is my middle name...) A little fun at the end of what has been an extremely interesting year. 

November's Never Have I Ever:
...built a piece of furniture. Probably won't be doing that one again for awhile. I have little patience for it apparently, but I accomplished the task at hand. Forgive the mess. Room has since been cleaned (ish) and feng shuiied.

 Bible Reading:
Finishing the last three chapters of Revelation tomorrow (if there is a tomorrow...sorry. Couldn't resist...) and then I'll be done with it. Next year, I plan on reading through it chronologically. Might be fun and it'll let me see things through a historic lens instead of just a reader. 

Also plan on using that time to read The Quran and The Book of Mormon. Learned about putting more on my plate than I can manage this year, so I'm going to ease my way through other religions' holy books instead of trying to read them all in a year.

Can't think of anything else to write about right now. But yeah, I still exist. In rest mode now until the 7th. I start a job then and start a month of temping at another. Looking forward to it actually. It means steady income again and it also means that I'm done with testing and grad school prepping! 

Back to regular(ish) scheduled programming!

Until next time...

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