Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nouvelle: A Short Short

This story originally began as the first page of my first monstrosity (novel-length story). It then turned into the first assignment in a Creative Writing class I was taking. Now, well, I'm not sure what it is now. It'll come to me when it's supposed to.

Nouvelle: A Short Short

        Charlotte isn’t one of the thousands of people standing outside, celebrating the beginning of a new year. She sits alone in her loft, eating the pint of Rocky Road she purchased for the occasion.

         January 1, 2006. Another year begins.

         2005; another year wasted. 

         It’s been years since she last made a resolution and several years before then since she last kept one. 

         She leaves it to everyone else to lose those ten unwanted pounds, gain back twelve, then resolve to lose those as well.

         Enjoying the pint of Rocky Road is her deliberate doing. She’s yet to find another item that explains her life so fittingly. Too many stalled starts and utter failures in her life to recall now, but at age twenty seven, she has nothing—and more importantly, no one—to show for it, as people are quick to remind her.

         She places the tepid ice cream back in the freezer before curling up on her sofa and makes a halfhearted attempt to sleep in spite of the noises from outside from people who have something to celebrate; someone to celebrate with.

         Should auld acquaintance be forgot          
         And never brought to mind? 

         Should auld acquaintance be forgot
         And days o' lang syne...
         If only she could…

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