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Prompted: The Best Part About Writing Fiction Is...

The Best Part About Writing Fiction Is …
July 8, 2011

Finish this sentence: The best part about writing fiction is …

The best part about writing fiction is being able to leave reality and enter a world you’ve created. The characters act how I want them to act and they do what I want them to do. It can be a powerful feeling at times when real life is anything but controllable.

When I was at my worst and when my Agoraphobia was at its strongest, I could write for twelve and sometimes sixteen hours a day. I hated the situation I was in, but I loved being able to remove myself from it as I wrote.

It’s probably no comparison to talking to a therapist or being medicated, but writing is my coping mechanism when life gets too hard. I got to write about characters falling in love, something I’ve never really done. People got to be happy when I felt miserable.

This will be my best and favorite part about writing fiction for a while. When people start reading what I write, find themselves transported into the world I created and not wanting to put down the book and leave, then that will become the best and favorite part.  

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