Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Take On...The Bowl Season

This bowl season, I did something I've never done before: watched all or part of every single bowl game. As an avid football fan, it's strange to have never done this before. Some of the games were gems; others okay; some a test of patience to flip back after halftime. There were thirty five games this year and while I don't want to take away games by telling some teams with winning records to pack it in after their last game, I'm left wondering if some of these games should've occurred.

Oklahoma State vs. Purdue, after all, was only a close match up until the coin flip. I don't mean to knock the Boilermakers, but I watched that game and realized that a 9-3 Louisiana Tech team that almost knocked of Texas A&M (who beat a then #1 and eventual National Champion Alabama) was watching this game at home as well.

I can't figure out why this is. Yes, I know about bowl games with conference tie-ins and all of that jazz, but right is right. And that wasn't right.

Then on the other hand, I'm left with 6-6 S.M.U, Virginia Tech, Central Michigan, Rice and Michigan State teams as well as a 6-7 Georgia Tech team who got the job done; some by considerable margins. 7-5s Arizona, B.Y.U., Baylor, Texas Tech, Arizona State and Oklahoma State won as well. This defeats the purpose of saying that a team's wins and losses should be the focus when deciding who goes where and who stays home.

But who can bring in the most amount of money and bodies shouldn't be factors either. Either reward the teams who've won during the season or don't; either base bowl game decisions on this or don't, but don't use ticket draws and bigger fan bases.

While we're at it, an organization who stresses the importance of a student-athlete's amateurism using money as a reason at all is hypocritical. Especially if it's because of an organization an undefeated team had to watch the National Championship game on the couch instead of playing in it or other teams who had winning records were banned.

What am I saying? This is a complex issue that's not going to be cured in one post. As is obvious with how the teams played, those who are .500 or only a game over shouldn't necessarily be the ones left off the bowl list, but this year has shown me that something needs to be done about how a champion is crowned as well as who gets to play at which of the other bowl games. We need a new and more unbiased system. There will never be complete partiality when humans are involved, but it can get better. It needs to get better.

We can do better...

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