Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Prompted: Best Place To Read

Best Place to Read

Where is your favorite place to read and why?

It probably seems counterproductive, but my favorite place to read is out in public. On a bus, in a crowded room; the noisier, the better. For years, the only way I was able to cope with being in public places was with headphones blaring music and a book in my hand. Now, it’s a sign that I’m really into whatever I’m reading.

If I’m able to read in a room with crying babies or screaming children and still focus on what I’m reading, that’s a sign that I’m really into whatever I’m writing. If I can’t make it through without those around me distracting me, it’s either not my time to read it or it doesn’t engage me enough to take me away from my current surroundings and into the book’s world.

I actually can’t read or focus when things are too quiet. I guess it’s a sign of my generation, but I don’t do well in utter silence because I think all of the time and the noise is one of the only ways I can get the thoughts to quiet down long enough for me to concentrate. Even if it’s just background noise from the air conditioning or from another room, something is better than nothing.

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