Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekly Rundown

Spring semester is almost over for me. With my Advertising final due on Monday, a final on Tuesday and two final essays due on Thursday, I'm counting down the moments before my breaks begin.

Time to get back into my writing habit, so here's me catching up on the Rundowns.

As someone who has taken summer classes almost every summer since 9th grade, I guess it wasn't too big a leap for my latest post to be about students who can benefit from taking summer classes: Who Can Benefit From Summer School

Newspaper-wise, my article about women on the frontlines made it into the paper and two movie reviews (Mud and Much Ado About Nothing) were published online.

With class winding down, I only had a couple of in-class assignments that haven't been returned yet and two more installments of Veg Out at Home (II and III)

Got all caught up with the blog for the radio show. Now, you can listen to each show that we've done that I was able to edit and upload. Hopefully, I'll have some good news about the radio thing come this time next week.

All for now.