Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Fifteen: Anti-Love Poem

When It Comes To Love

When it comes to love
I have no opinion on the matter
It interests me as little
As a conversation about the weather

When it comes to love
I do not have the time
To search for something only seen in fairy tales
And never in real life

When it comes to love
I have no inclination
To sacrifice myself
To be in a relationship

But when it comes to love
I truly have no opinion
How could I possibly judge
Something I do not believe in?

Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Fourteen: If I Were (Blank)

If I Were (Normal)

If I were normal
I would love to leave this house
And travel freely around
Just like everybody else

If I were normal
I'd go outside everyday
And enjoy every moment of sunshine
Or play in the rain

If I were normal
I would let myself be loved
And let someone care about me
Instead of walking through this life alone

If I were normal
I'd party all the time
And enjoy a carefree existence
And have the time of my life

I would love to be normal
I'd love to fit in just like everybody else
I'd do anything to fit in
I'd give anything to not be myself

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Thirteen: Animal Poem

A caterpillar
Enters into a cocoon
A butterfly leaves

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Twelve: City Poem

Our Real Life Soap Opera
More chaos than Corinth
Port Charles and Pine Valley
Are just like the little Peyton Place
That's full of Harper Valley hypocrites
Salem, Springfield, and Santa Barbara are not nearly as safe as they claim
Genoa City and Llanview, more of the same
Oakdale and Bay City are not immune
Neither is New York City, Sunset Beach, or L.A.
But all of the drama in all of these places combined
Is nothing compared to this small town's drama and our real life

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Eleven: Statement Poem

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover
Don't judge a book by its cover
But that's what we always do
Judging people's outside appearance
Instead of their character
We walk away from who could be our biggest ally
Because of what they wear
And tuck our purses close to us
When we pass by
Set our vitriol towards someone just for wearing a hijab
Or cross the street to the other side
Instead of passing by a group of young men
Because we think we may get robbed
Don't judge a book by its cover
Is what they always say
But that's what we do all of the time
Every second of every day

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Ten: Future Poem

Looking Forward

Once upon a time
Five years from now
Will I regret my life thus far
Or will I look back and smile

Once upon a time
Ten years from now
Will I be on the path to where I've always dreamed of
Or will I have settled for an easier route

Once upon a time
Twenty years from now
Will I miss never having gotten married
Will I regret never having a child
Once upon a time
Fifty years from now
With my best years behind me
Is what I have done worthwhile

Once upon a time
A hundred years from now
Will I have done anything that truly mattered
What legacy will I leave behind?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Nine: Shelter Poem

Give Me Shelter

Give me shelter from the pain
Inflicted by others everyday

The misery the bloodshed
The hate the violence

Never go outside
Give me shelter so I can hide

Behind these four walls that I rarely leave
Behind these four walls that shield me

My shelter
My prison
My protector
My asylum

Give me shelter from it all
Shelter from the storm

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Eight: Peace Poem

Peace Trio

Imagine a world
Without violence or bloodshed
Everyone is safe

Tolerance a must
 Co-existing is a need
For peace to prevail

Words instead of guns
Listening instead of bombs
Love instead of hate

Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Seven: Self-Portrait Poem

Warped Reflection

What do you see when you see my flaws
The blemishes and the imperfections all around here
Do you ask how they got there

What do you see when you my scars
The faint cuts along my forearm
Do you wonder how could she have done this to herself
How could she cause herself such harm

What do you see when see me
What all would you change
So people will finally see you as a normal person
Even if all of your memories remain

Do you wonder what I see when I see me
Whether in this mirror, or a picture on the wall
Do you know that I hate who I see sometimes
Because of the person I've become

Do you hate what you see when you see me
Do you wish you were someone else
Don't you think you've already wasted enough of your life
Hating yourself

Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Six: Night Poem

At Nightfall

The city comes alive at nightfall
As the bright lights flicker on
As workers make the drive home
The city's day has just begun

The woman's fear comes alive at nightfall
Because that is when her husband comes home
She stays in constant fear
That she'll say or do the wrong thing will get him going once more

The man's world comes alive at nightfall
As he plays another melody
He earns his money one dollar at a time 
From the ones who have stopped to see

The boy's sadness comes alive at nightfall
It's too dark to see anymore
He hugs his mother as she cries once again
As she promises that they'll eat tomorrow

The band comes alive at nightfall
They are just getting onto a roll
As the crowds come around and settle down
They bring the house down once more

The girl's reality comes alive at nightfall
As she waits for her first client
She checks her makeup once more time
And prays to make it through another night

The city dies down at around dawn
The bright lights dim for the sun
As workers make the drive to work
The city's day has just begun

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Five: Discovery Poem

The Letter

I found the letter by accident
In a long-forgotten box in the room
While a part of me always knew the truth 
Finding that letter gave me the proof

A letter enclosed with two sonograms
And an explanation why
She couldn't carry me for any longer
And nothing would change her mind

I carried around that letter for years
As proof that I'm not supposed to exist
I read it until I had it memorized
So that I would never forget

The letter itself is long gone now
But its words remain etched in my mind
The letter that confirmed everything
The letter that should've been my goodbye

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Four: Since (blank)

 Since (the last time)

I haven't been tempted
Since the last time

Haven't thought about you
Since you last time

Haven't been paralyzed by fear 
Since the last time

I haven't been overcome by it all
Since the last time

I won't be tempted again
Until the next time

Won't waste a second thinking about you
Until the next time

Won't let fear control me 
Until the next time 

I will overcome it all and finally move on
Until the next time

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Three: Message Poem

Leave a Message

Sorry I can't get to the phone
Leave your message at the tone

Maybe I get back to you
Maybe I don't

Maybe you'll notice
Maybe you won't

Sorry that I missed your call
Leave your message at the tone

I'll call back 
I should say

As soon as I can
No later than the end of the day

But when's the last time
We've had something to talk about anyway

Sorry I couldn't get to the phone in time
Maybe I'll get back to you after awhile

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Two: Voyage Poem

This Town's Not For Me

Things have gotten much too clear
I think it's about time that I be leaving here
Because things can't keep going this way

All the stares just from walking in
The teasing, the taunts
I just want to disappear

And leave this place far behind as I go

I used to want to be just like you
Cool and popular just like you
But now I see who you really are

But it's not like this everywhere
It's time to leave here now while I still stand a chance
Before I become as miserable as you

I've opened my eyes and I can finally see
That this life and this town are just not for me

2014 April PAD Challenge Day One: An Ending Poem

Passing Through

I had a dream today

Death had come for me
It was time to go away

My breath became shallow
My heart beat less and less
It was my time to go
I exhaled my last breath

As far as transitions go
There is none

The world keeps moving along
Seven billion people carry on
They don't notice that you've gone

So whether this is it or I wake for another day
My time will one day run out too
Because none of us can stay forever
We all are just passing through

Writing Update

Happy April!

So...Writer's Digest is doing another Poem A Day Challenge. I only made a week and a half in November's attempt to do this (life got in the way...doesn't it always?)

But I'm trying again. Yes, I know it's April 5 already, but I have the first four days written (currently mulling day five's prompt) and am about to post them as soon as I finish this update.

This time, I will get through all thirty days. Even if I'm still writing in July, I have to get used to allowing myself to finish what I start instead of talking myself out of doing things. This will be a good start.

Meanwhile, with fifteen days left before Easter, my fanfic (writing one after giving up reading them for Lent) is on its way. It's inspired by Mother and Child. It was a great movie starring Annette Benning, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington. Without spoiling the plot, there was a certain scene that served as the catalyst for the rest of the movie. An idea popped up in my head to explore what would have happened if that particular scene went the other way and how that would have affected the rest of the movie and I'm rolling with that. I don't think it'll be more than a few chapters. Either way, I'll post it when it's up to snuff, but it won't be at least until Easter Monday so I can also post it on

All for now. Time to post the first four days of the PAD Challenge and figure out what on earth to write for the fifth day.

Until next time...

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