Saturday, April 5, 2014

Writing Update

Happy April!

So...Writer's Digest is doing another Poem A Day Challenge. I only made a week and a half in November's attempt to do this (life got in the way...doesn't it always?)

But I'm trying again. Yes, I know it's April 5 already, but I have the first four days written (currently mulling day five's prompt) and am about to post them as soon as I finish this update.

This time, I will get through all thirty days. Even if I'm still writing in July, I have to get used to allowing myself to finish what I start instead of talking myself out of doing things. This will be a good start.

Meanwhile, with fifteen days left before Easter, my fanfic (writing one after giving up reading them for Lent) is on its way. It's inspired by Mother and Child. It was a great movie starring Annette Benning, Naomi Watts, and Kerry Washington. Without spoiling the plot, there was a certain scene that served as the catalyst for the rest of the movie. An idea popped up in my head to explore what would have happened if that particular scene went the other way and how that would have affected the rest of the movie and I'm rolling with that. I don't think it'll be more than a few chapters. Either way, I'll post it when it's up to snuff, but it won't be at least until Easter Monday so I can also post it on

All for now. Time to post the first four days of the PAD Challenge and figure out what on earth to write for the fifth day.

Until next time...

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