Monday, July 14, 2014

Musing Mondays: July 14, 2014


Musing Mondays: Each week, MizB over at Should Be Reading asks six reading-related topics for bloggers to choose one to answer.

This week's topic: Describe one of your reading habits

It's not necessarily a reading habit, but one thing I have been doing, especially over the past couple of years, is getting a majority of my reading done by listening to audiobooks. 

I originally got into them while I was working towards my undergrad degree. One bad thing about working towards an English degree is all the reading. Another bad thing: I always took more hours than the standard 12-15. In order to do well, I needed to figure out something since I only had so many hours in the day that I could read. Thus, my introduction to audiobooks. I got to the point where I was able to read one required book and listen to another at the same time and followed both just fine. When I got lucky, I was able to listen and read the same book at the same time (did this for Shakespeare plays and for some Virginia Woolf novels). At times when I was driving, on the bus, or just not able to read, I'd listen to the audiobook and start reading again where the tape or CD left off once I got to the point where I could read again. 

After graduation, I left them alone for awhile until I started doing field work and student teaching. Then, I started listening to books that I had on my reading list during my commute. The high school where I did field work wasn't too far away, but the school where I did my student teaching was a 27 mile trip one way. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to listen to whatever novel or book I was listening to at the moment. 

As soon as I finished student teaching, I took a road trip to Arkansas to see a friend of mine graduate and spend some time with her in Memphis. For the first time, instead of searching through my CDs to see what kind of music I wanted to listen to during my road trip, I went to the library and chose which books I've been wanting to read instead. 

I love the fact that I have so many options to choose from the most. If I want to hear a novel, I can. Historical event, autobiography, inspirational; they're all options. I also love the autobiographies or stories that are read by the author. It doesn't feel like I'm listening to a book, but an interview instead. I'm debating whether or not I want to download audiobook apps now that I have a smart phone so I can always have something to listen to, but I'm still an old-school kind of girl who loves to go to the library. I'm also the old-school kind of girl who still has a CD player and a Walkman tape player that she doesn't want to go to waste. 

Out of all of my reading habits, my listening to audiobooks has become a prominent one over time and I'm glad that it has. It's allowed me to keep up with what I want to read in spite of everything I have going on at any given time.  

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