Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

This week's Top Ten list from The Broke and the Bookish: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Note: this week, it's asking for top ten favorite movies or TV shows. I'll be splitting the post into two, one for each category. Another note or somewhat a caveat: these are since I haven't seen every show out there yet, here are my top ten TV shows that are currently on the air (because I've just seen way too much TV to choose my top ten ever)  

1. Law and Order: SVU: I'm late to the SVU party.  I only started watching in 2004 after I got the ability to watch one show and tape the other two. Back then, SVU, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy all came on at the same time. I started rotating between the three so I could keep up with them all. Reruns on USA helped catch me up on the seasons that I missed out on. A decade later, it's still my favorite show so far. 

2. General Hospital: confession: I'm a huge soap fan. Like ridiculously huge. I'm a fourth generation fan (my granny nanny listened to them on the radio before they started premiering on TV), so it was never if I was going to watch soaps, but which ones I'd get into. Out of the four current shows left on the air, GH is the one I've been watching the longest (since the mid-90s on and off) and the one I still like watching the most now. 

3. Highly Questionable and Pardon The Interruption (tie): I love sports shows and most things sports talk. Out of all the shows on ESPN, Fox, and the other sports stations, I love these two the most. I like their fresh takes and unique perspectives when discussing the sports headlines and news of the day. When I can't catch them on the TV, I listen to the podcasts. 

4. Major Crimes: The Closer started in '05 and I loved that show. I love the sequel as well. A fresh take on the procedural drama.

5. Rizzoli & Isles: same station as Major Crimes. Another procedural drama, but I love that this one and Major Crimes come on during the summer. Remember when the summer was a TV wasteland of reruns? Not anymore! (Thank goodness!)

6. Degrassi: yes. I still like Degrassi. I've only been watching for 13 years and haven't seem to grow out of it yet. Then again, I grew up on the first version, so I've basically been watching this show in its different forms my entire life. 

7. 19 Kids And Counting: it's been very interesting catching a show about a family with a totally different belief system than mine. Controversial as it is, I enjoy watching the Duggars and learning more about how people with another belief system live. 

8. The Fosters: Along with TNT airing new shows during the summer, ABC Family does so as well. Out of the ones it airs, I enjoy The Fosters the best. It's complex for a teen drama, has many layers, and is quite a diverse mixture of ethnicities and living situations. 

9. The Young and the Restless: another soap. Out of the nine soaps (I know right...) that used came on when I was in high school/early college, I actually got into this one the latest. I used to feel forced to watch this one because it moved so slow and there were so many older characters as opposed to characters closer my age. Nowadays, these are good qualities instead of bad ones and I enjoy watching when I can. 

10. Scandal: another one that I got into late, but boy, am I into it now! Love this show. Yes, I know, bad that Olivia is having an affair with a married man. Yes, I know, no one can be trusted. But oh my goodness this show is incredible. I love not being able to figure out what will happen next and just like any other Shonda Rhimes drama I've gotten into (this one, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice), I'm taken for a ride where I never know when the next turn, speed bump, or twist is coming. 

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