Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WWW Wednesday: July 9, 2014


Each week, MizB over at Should be Reading asks the following three questions: 
What are you currently reading? 
What did you recently finish reading? 
What do you think you’ll read next? 

Here are my answers:

1. What are you currently reading? I'm currently reading EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey (still). At the same time, I'm also reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss in a summer that has quickly become one of educating myself about finances and productivity as I continue with grad school while preparing to begin my career and the other money-making endeavors that will finance my future.

2. What did you recently finish reading? The last book I finished Everybody's Got Something by Robin Roberts. I've been looking up to Robin Roberts since the 1990s when she was still on Sportscenter. As a female and a minority, I've always looked up to her as a role model in the journalism field. Reading about her life and journey through two life-threatening conditions was a fascinating read. 

3. What do you think you’ll read next? Next, I will read Molly Ivins by Bill Minutaglio and W. Michael Smith. Growing up, I used to love reading her, so I think I will enjoy reading about her life and career. Audiobook wise, I have The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside The World of ESPN by James A. Mitchell and Tom Shales lined up since I've got some road trips planned soon. Love listening to audiobooks while I'm driving or riding in the car, especially since I get motion-sick when I read a physical book.


  1. Oh, I miss Molly Ivins! I have a whole Molly Ivins section on one of my bookshelves, and the biography you mention is there as well. It was a very interesting read and shed a lot of light on her personality.

    1. I miss her too! I'm excited to read about her. I got to read a lot of her stuff growing up, but I don't really know much about her as a person...