Monday, October 27, 2014

Musing Monday: October 27


Each week, MizB over at Should Be Reading asks six reading-related topics for bloggers to choose from.

This week's topic: Describe one of your reading habits

One of my most important reading habits is that weekend reading = for pleasure reading. My weekdays are dedicated to the books and stories assigned for my classes and that reading and the various writing assignments that accompany most of it takes up a large chunk of my week. 

Last year, however, I decided to do something new: no homework on the weekends. This was a far departure from my usual of doing assignments every single day I could find something to do. I did this because inevitably, I would find myself burning out each semester and it would take most of my break (if I wasn't taking wintermester or maymester/summer classes) to recover from the previous semester. 

With my weekends now free from homework, I find myself still reading a lot, but I read something else. Usually, I dedicate a lot of my weekend to catching up on fanfiction, but I have an apartment full of books that I haven't gotten to read yet, so I've started trying to get through those as well. 

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  1. What a great idea to separate your time out so clearly. It is important to switch off. I like to spend a great deal of my weekend reading too.

  2. I try to do this as well--I really try not to bring work home on the weekends so I can relax and re-charge for the week ahead. So weekends are when I do most of my pleasure reading. Good for you for recognizing that everyone needs a break!