Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My 500 Words: Day One

My 500 Words 
Today's My 500 Words prompt: Commit to the Plan

There is a reason that I’m doing the Jeff Goins My 500 Words challenge. There is also a reason why I’m starting said challenge a mere fourteen days after everyone else. 

The latter reason is much easier to explain than the former one: school. I got slammed with assignments and a very important paper the last two weeks. Only fall break has given me a bit of a respite.

I haven’t always been a school-first student, but now that I am, I tend to let school be my primary focus while I fit everything else in or let it go. 

But I want to write. 

As a grad student, the demand on my time and energy is much more than it was as an undergrad or during my gap year. 

But I want to write. 

And I’m studying writing in grad school, so you would think I’d always have the time and energy to write. Right? Wrong. 

I’ve been a sporadic writer at best for years. Sometimes, I’ll write a lot. Other times, I can go months without putting pencil to paper or fingers to keyboard. 

But I want to write, so that needs to change. 

Unfortunately, writing has always been a hobby for me and I’ve treated it like such. But I want to write. And one day, I want to be a writer. The best time to stop seeing writing as a hobby and something that I actually want to do with my life is now. 

So I’m taking the plunge. 

I can’t promise to write 500 words every single day, but I promise to write something. Anything. Short term, I hope this challenge gets me ready to participate in NaNoWriMo. It’ll be my third time attempting this, but my goal this year is to finish out the month. Long term, I hope that this challenge will bring about a change. I want to start writing regularly, and I believe this challenge will get me on the right path. 

So yes, I’m fourteen days behind everyone else, so my thirty days should end around the middle of November. This will be right in the midst of the NaNoWriMo and this semester. This will most definitely be a learning experience as I try to fit in more than one primary activity into my life instead of letting one task (mainly school) overwhelm everything else. 

And it looks like I’ll be about a hundred words short. But it’s something. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Day one complete! Only twenty nine more to go!

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  1. Hey, I've just stumbled upon the challenge today -- have just finished my first post. You're a couple of days ahead of me, hope you're still enjoying it!

    1. I'm still enjoying it. Just gotta get used to doing something everyday and scheduling that into my every day life!