Saturday, May 30, 2015

Funny Story

Funny story about a story of mine.

So at some point in my Texas State career (Eat em Up Cats!) I remembered submitting a story that I wrote in Creative Writing class, but I couldn't remember where and when. I even went to Facebook to confirm that I did this (a hilarious though sometimes embarrassing trip down Memory Lane).

Well, I (finally) decided to figure out where and when all of this happened to make sure that said story hadn't already been published as I'm attempting to publish pieces in literary journals and the like. I emailed the editor of the journal run by and for students thinking maybe it was them that I submitted the story to.

It wasn't.

But I just knew that I done something.

So I did something that would've saved me (and said editor) a lot of time: I googled the story's name.

Turns out, it was 2010....

Though this time in my life is a blur to me, I'm really happy that it was in fact published and really really happy that my first story published was published in a Texas State publication because I loved my time in San Marcos and made only happy memories while there (well, the ones that I can still remember five plus years later)

Bright side: can't say that I'm not a published writer anymore! :)

Here's the link one of the first incarnations of Freedom, Mississippi:1960

I hope you enjoy it.

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