Monday, August 17, 2015

Life Lately: Catching Up On Never Have I Evers

So it's been longer than forever since I've really made much of a go on this blogging thing (minus some weekly posts on my reading habits), so I'm trying it out (again). With a posting schedule and the like, I'm hoping this blogging regularly thing takes this time around.

First up: catching up on the new things I've done or places I've gone since I lasted posted...way back in December (when I saw The Nutcracker in person...and found out it was a ballet instead of a musical...long story....)

Anywho. Here are January-August's Never Have I Evers:

January: been to Gilley's. That's where the ESPN shows shot from when they were in the metro for the CFP National Championship game. I never realized how big that place is until I saw it for my own eyes. Didn't get to ride the mechanical bull (#sadness) but that was a good day.  

February: submitted poetry to literary journals. Not that this amounted to anything, but I gave it the ole college try. Now, I realize that I'm much more content working for lit journals then trying to submit to them (more on that later). 

March: been to Overton Park...which I swear is the closest thing to Austin without being in Austin. It's amazing over there. I can't wait until it cools down so I can go back.
April: been to a spring game. Finally got the chance to see one, since I wasn't able to either spring I was there (first one was cancelled because of construction and I accidentally slept through the other one) Bonus NHIE: seen a successful Hail Mary.
May: been to an Impossible Language reading. One thing that I've learned over the months is that I'm not the best reader of poetry, but I love hearing it. There's so much that you can get from hearing the words as opposed to seeing them, and the four readers were absolutely amazing.
June: been to the Pink Palace Museum. Lucked up on going for free one Tuesday afternoon. Skipped the natural history part (not a fan of seeing skulls or the like) but upstairs, there's the history of Memphis which was absolutely incredible to get to walk through. Made this history geek's heart flutter with glee.

July: been to the the Imagine Vegan Cafe. And their food is awesome! The cafe once again reminded me of something I would've found in Austin. Loved the atmosphere...and did I mention that their food is awesome? Because their food is awesome! I'm not the eat out at restaurants type (limited budget, ya dig) but I've already been again when my mom was in town, and hope to make it my regular go-to spot.
August: been to the George Jones Museum. Y'all. The Possum's got a museum! Couldn't believe it myself when my mom and I were in Nashville the first weekend of the month, but we got to swing by and check it out on our way out of town. Loved every moment of it.

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