Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings: My August In Review

August began with my mom coming into town so we could go to Nashville. Why? To see the Earth, Wind, and Fire/Chicago concert. Why? We found a clip on YouTube of the two groups performing 25 or 6 to 4 and vowed that the next time they toured together, we'd see them.

Nashville was our last option (my work schedule made it impossible to catch them in Dallas, Austin, or Houston), but we made it and got to see an awesome concert.

In the end, she stayed with me for a week before she went back home and I officially started at my new job (!!!!) as an in-class tutor at a local high school after training for most of July. I'm beginning my fourth week, and I'm loving every moment of it. It's the closest I've gotten to being in a classroom since finishing up with my teaching certification.

The end of August brought around the start of a new semester (after an almost four month layoff) I wrote about my four classes last week, but I'm getting the hang of what all is expected of me this semester and hitting the ground running.

Before things get too crazy, I've also managed to catch a couple of football in Alabama. Yep. Caught a fan bus to Alabama to see a ball game (because there's just something about Friday night that makes me want to see some football...even if it's in another state (must be the Texan in me :) )) Got to see a great game and got a lot of reading done for class. Two birds, one stone!

September will bring more school and the start of my second job: A GAship at the university's library.

Stay tuned...

Crossed Off Bucket List Item: 

see Chicago in person (if you squint real hard like, you can see the band...we were in the nosebleeds (if there is a nosebleeds at an outdoor concert), but still an amazing show)

go to Mississippi and Alabama (states 14 and 15 in my quest to visit every state) can tell which state's sign I was ready for and which one caught me off guard :~/ 

August's Never Have I Ever...: 

...been to the George Jones Museum. It wasn't open the last time my mom and I were in Nashville for Loretta Lynn's concert, so it was great getting to go before having to come back here. And yes, they had the tractor. :)

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