Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From


This week's Top Ten list from The Broke and the Bookish: Top Ten Authors I've Read The Most Books From (for some reason I thought we did this already but appears that we just did authors we OWN the most books from)

*note: I'm going in descending order, hence the numbers by the authors' names.*

1. Debbie Macomber (20+) It all started one day when my mom found one of Debbie's books to read at her job during lunch. Fast forward four years later, my mom and I have both read all of the Cedar Cove series, all of the Navy Wives series, and a lot of the standalone books as well. I've also read all of the Inn at Rose Harbor series minus Love Letters. Suffice it to say, Debbie is an apartmenthold favorite (now two apartmentholds)

2. William Shakespeare (10+) At Texas State, you have to take two pre-1800 classes as an English major. Though I've never been a fan of ole Willy S (my major weakness is reading things not written in modern English...No Fear Shakespeare = da real MVP!), taking Earlier and Later Shakespeare saved me from Beowulf and even earlier works...so I'm pretty much indebted to him! Between high school and those two classes, I've read most of his comedies and tragedies. Not sure why, but I've never been assigned to read one of the history plays.

3.Virginia Woolf (7+) I read Mrs. Dalloway for the first time in seventh grade, but that was the only novel of hers that I read until my senior year at Texas State. One of the classes I took that spring semester was a Virginia Woolf class. We read seven out of eight of her novels as well as some of her short stories and A Room Of One's Own.

4. Ann Brashares (5) I got really into the Traveling Pants series in high school and read all four of them before the movies came out. When it came out, I also read Sisterhood Everlasting (which just about destroyed me, but was a brilliant way to bring closure to the series). 

5. Meg Cabot (4) I absolutely loved the first three books in The Princess Diaries series right as I was starting middle school (plan on acquiring/reading the rest to finish what I started). I also really enjoyed All American Girl and its sequel is on my (ever-increasing) to-read list.

6. George Carlin (4) I've gone on several road trips these past few years, and I always try to have audiobooks on hand along with music to make the time pass and keep me alert while driving. I've absolutely love being able to find and listen to him while on the road.

7. Garrison Keillor (4) I fell in love with all things Prairie Home Companion and Lake Wobegonean over a decade ago, so any audiobook from Keillor is a must-have for road trips. I also have a couple of Lake Wobegon books that I need to get to reading one of these days.

8. Nora Ephron (4) Unlike other people on this list, I've listened to Nora Ephron's books. She was hilarious and listening to her audiobooks during road trips have always been a bright spot. 

9. Mary Karr (3) I read The Liar's Club in seventh grade and Cherry in eighth grade. When Lit was published, my mom bought me a copy from Barnes & Noble the week it came out and gave it to me as an early Xmas/Birthday gift. Read it all in four days. I absolutely love them all and The Liar's Club was my first foray into memoir/autobiography reading.

10. Dave Pelzer (3) I can't quite remember how I heard about A Child Called It (though I think I saw a segment about it on Oprah) but I read it and its two sequels when I was in middle school and re-read them in high school.

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