Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Musings: A Medley of Musings

A Conundrum: 

I'm faced with a conundrum of sorts: I'll have to re-take my GRE before applying for Ph.D programs. The original plan was to use the scores I used for my MFA apps, but my score isn't high enough. Thus, the conundrum: I now have options. Do I want to go straight into a Ph.D program, or do I want to serve in the Peace Corps (or another teaching overseas opportunity) first? Or vice versa. I'm not sure what I want to do and I don't have a whole lot of time to decide one way or the other.

An addition: 

Speaking of Ph.D programs, I've added a program to the perspectives list: the University of Illinois-Chicago. Yes, I'm going backward and not forward when it comes to making my final selection, but this will be my first and last time to cast a wide net when it comes to deciding where I want to go to school. 

No NaNo-ing:

So...this time every year, I say I'm going to finish the NaNo challenge and by day 10 or 11, I've petered out. This year, I'm not going to attempt it. If only because the amount of assignments that I have due this month is way too many to try to balance one more thing on top of it. Maybe I'll NaNo by myself over Winter Break. Maybe not. I just want to try to create a more organic writing experience for me without having to reach a number or be done by this date so it can get workshopped (part of my attempts to detox from writing like I did my first year and get back to writing for enjoyment instead of trying not to get eviscerated during critiques).

Tis the Season:

No, not Christmas (though I'm already starting to see commercials and decorations...#TooSoon) but registration season. Like this semester, I plan on taking four classes again. However, with a more favorable work schedule, I should have an easier go of it than I have this semester. I'll be taking my finally class for my certificate in African-American Literature and taking an addition A.A. lit class so I'll leave here having taken every class from 1850-present. I'll also be taking two more online history classes (U.S. and World History since 1945) and be two classes closer to finishing my cross-disciplinary option plan. My second year will go down as pretty crazy, but putting in the work now leaves my third year easier to get through...which is good since I'll be focused on writing my thesis and finalizing what I'm not able to do this summer concerning Ph.D applications (or teaching overseas applications). 

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