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Who I Currently Am:

Currently, I'm a Jane of several trades including writing, photography, editing, blogging, and freelancing (among other activities). Eventually, I hope to meld these all into one career (thus finally being able to answer the "what do you want to do when you grow up" question), but for now, I'm enjoying the opportunity that learning new skills and trades provides.

What I'm Currently Doing:

I'm a second year M.F.A. Candidate at the University of Memphis studying Fiction with a cross-disciplinary option in History and am also working on a graduate certificate in African-American Literature. From here, I hope to continue on to a Ph.D program and earn a Doctorates in either Creative Writing or English.

In addition to school, I am also a Graduate Assistant for the University Libraries, in-class tutor at a local high school, and work in these capacities at the following literary journals, sites, or presses:

What I Want To Do (Eventually) :

Once everything is said and done, I want to teach and I want to write. I haven't narrowed down the where or the when yet, but I figure time will iron out all of the particulars. I do know that I want to help others and I hope to find a way to do that no matter what career path I end up taking. 

I also want to travel and see as much of the world as I can. Slowly, but surely, I hope to do this with a camera in my hand and some of my closest friends and family by my side.

Right now, I say that I'm enjoying the journey on the way to my destination because instead of stressing out about the future, I want to do my best to learn and enjoy every moment of my present. I know the future may not come, but whether it does or does not, I want to enjoy the time I do have and leave with no regrets, whenever that time comes.  

Where Else To Find Me:

On this site, you will find my poems, prose pieces, and posts.

To learn more about my current and former positions and relevant activities, please click here.

To visit my online portfolio, where you will find the articles, features and reviews I have written as well as relevant classwork and other professional pursuits, please click here.

To visit my photography page, please click here.

Staying Social: 
I'm also at the following social media sites, so feel free to add, follow, and all that jazz: Facebook Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter   

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