Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Take On...Steve Spurrier's Comment

Steve Spurrier ruffled some feathers when in an interview with The Dan Patrick Show, he said "Alabama, gosh, they look like they could beat a couple of those NFL teams that I've watched on Sundays" (read about it here) Sports commentators left and right said that there was no way that Alabama or any other college team could beat an NFL team.

It’s been a few weeks since Spurrier made these comments, but I’m left with the same thoughts I had then when everybody disagreed: have you seen some of these NFL teams lately? I think the HBC is right: not only could Alabama beat some of the catfish teams (the bottom feeders) of the NFL, I’ve begun to wonder if some of these other college teams could do so as well. If not win it outright, they could at least keep it close and respectable.

For example, I think Oregon’s offense could keep up with an NFL team with a mediocre defense and an atrocious offense. Would love to see them play Arizona, for example, whose defense has kept some of their losses close, but who appears not to a competent QB. I also think that Bama isn’t the only SEC school who could keep up with the pros. Florida vs. Jacksonville anyone? A&M vs. Kansas City?

Heck, until Carolina began to right their ship, I thought Alabama vs. Carolina would’ve been fun to watch; maybe Bama would get revenge for Cam Newton single handedly snatching Auburn’s Iron Bowl victory away from the Tide. Other teams like Oakland, St. Louis and Buffalo come to mind from time to time. Each week unveils a different team for the most part, so it would be hard to gauge a college team playing one of them.

So maybe the college teams won’t win. Maybe Spurrier (and I) would be proven wrong. Or maybe just maybe the best teams playing on Saturday could embarrass some of the long-standing worst teams playing on Sunday. Either way, it could be entertaining. More entertaining than that Jets-Titans Monday Night Football match up last night at least; and there’s not a lot that would have to be done in order to do that.

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