Thursday, December 20, 2012

Prompted: Yesterday or Tomorrow

Yesterday or Tomorrow

If you had to choose between yesterday and tomorrow, which would you pick and why?

I want to say tomorrow because that means I’m seeing life pass through the proverbial windshield instead of the rearview mirror, but I can’t pass up the possibility of going back in time and changing the way things have gone. For those of you who are Star Trek fans, I know this violates the prime directive, but I feel like my past has affected my present and therefore the future more than anyone or anything else ever could.

The past comes back at the strangest times and prevents life as it should be lived. I’m lucky to have a good memory, but I remember the bad so much more often than I’ve ever been able to remember the good. Without a doubt, this is what holds me back from enjoying and experiencing life to the fullest.

If I can’t get the past right, no amount of tomorrows will matter. So I’m going back in time and hoping to get things right this time around. Tomorrow can work itself out once I get there.

Past or future? Which would you decide?

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