Thursday, January 3, 2013

13 in 2013

Not exactly New Year’s Resolutions…just things I’d like to accomplish this year…

Coach Drake used to tell us that it takes 32 times of doing something to make it a habit. Maybe I’ll start cooking on a regular basis if I do this, so in 2013, I hope to cook 32 meals not using the microwave (at least, not for the main course. And yes, this again. It’ll keep showing up until I actually make good on it) 

Continue building my platform as an aspiring writer. 

Fully utilize my LinkedIn account 

Learn what in Erath County Google+ is and learn how to use that as well
Take at least one picture every day 

Travel to at least one other state, even if only for a weekend 

Find a way to spend at least 10% of my time helping someone else. I figure if we tithed our time like we’re supposed to tithe our paychecks, maybe life could actually get better for people 

Read at least one other religion’s holy text and attend at least one service of another religion’s 

Become a proficient Clarinet player and learn at least one new instrument as well

Continue utilizing the Debt Snowball and end the year with less than $10,000 of debt (currently owe about $20,000 total for my car and student loans) 

Read all of Jane Austen’s novels (and a few other non-assigned books as well) 

Be a better friend, better daughter and better human being in general 

Hope for 2013: I’m hoping that 2013 is a year that I focus on finishing what I started. I also want this year to be one of new beginnings. By year’s end, I’m hoping to be a self-sufficient graduate student who’s already started classes or will start them in January 2014.

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