Monday, February 11, 2013

Gap Year Update

Things have been going well lately as far as my gap year is concerned. So much so that I'm extending it....

Long story short, I'm postponing grad school one more semester. I didn't actually come to the decision until right before I was going to send in my apps (like the day before, had the money and everything), but something didn't feel right. Started stressing out before the thought that I can wait came to mind.

Then, I felt at peace.

So I'm going with that. New anticipated date of beginning is Spring 2014. My top four schools are still Eastern Washington and Memphis, then I've added Northwestern and Texas State.

The main reason why I decided to wait is money. I still owe a lot on loans and my car. Waiting until January gives me a lot more time to pay those debts down and put some aside in savings because once I'm gone, I'm not boomeranging back to my mom's. I have to make it this time and I'll need some more time to get everything together.

Not giving up, just giving myself a breather and not stressing that a short-term setback will eventually allow long-term success.

All for now.

Until next time...

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