Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Eleven

Today's word count: 3,469/1,667
Total word count: 21,602/50,000

After a slow Saturday of not being able to piece any of it together and a Sunday off, I'm finally in a place where this new idea is coming into fruition. Basically, where I started the first rewrite made things too slow (in my opinion) so I tried to start it in a place where it moves throughout and I can disperse some back story in, but it keep it moving forward.

Mainly, I feel like the idea is back-heavy but it can't make it there without the front. Just trying to meld the two and now, I'm weaving the new stuff into the parts of the story that I've already begun to rewrite. So far so good.

School tomorrow, so I make no promises. If nothing else, it'll give me an extra day to gnaw on it before I can come back to it on Wednesday.

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