Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 April PAD Challenge Day Seven: Self-Portrait Poem

Warped Reflection

What do you see when you see my flaws
The blemishes and the imperfections all around here
Do you ask how they got there

What do you see when you my scars
The faint cuts along my forearm
Do you wonder how could she have done this to herself
How could she cause herself such harm

What do you see when see me
What all would you change
So people will finally see you as a normal person
Even if all of your memories remain

Do you wonder what I see when I see me
Whether in this mirror, or a picture on the wall
Do you know that I hate who I see sometimes
Because of the person I've become

Do you hate what you see when you see me
Do you wish you were someone else
Don't you think you've already wasted enough of your life
Hating yourself

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