Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Musings: A Modge Podge Of Musings

Got a few things on my mind, so I'll be talking a little about a lot today...

First things first: I'm (just about) done submitting (for the moment):

Some of the people in my program are getting accepted and published what feels like every week, so I started submitting prose and poetry a few months ago because it felt like I had to do it. Several rejections later, I'm good for the moment. I'm really disheartened by a lot of what's going on right now when it comes to what's going on in the writing world, so it might be for the best to concentrate on working for the journals I work on, academic writing, and working on what I need to work on as I continue to try to make a life for myself in academia. I'll submit for creative journals again eventually, but it's no longer a priority of mine. And I think it's for the best.


I used to be a political junkie (ask my mom what I was doing Election Night 1992). For a (short) time, I even wanted a career working in the government and thought about majoring in Poly Sci at university. I've had a lifelong fascination with politics, but hearing all the rhetoric and vitriol makes me verrrrry worried about next year's election. It's also made me check out from the political process. Listening to some of the hate being spewed and reading comments and snippets, I'm left to wonder what's happened to my country. There's always been at least two sides, but people used to be civil. There used to be such a thing as bipartisanship. What on earth went wrong???????

New Opportunities:

Like I said, I've put submitting to literary journals on hold, but I'm opening a new avenue: academic writing. I've had one workshop paper proposal about Cormac McCarthy's short stories accepted and sent another proposal about Women Writers of America's First Great Diaspora in. I've on the hunt for other conferences looking for workshop papers or posters as well since I'm not strictly a creative writing student. I'm also taking classes in African American Lit and History, so I'm getting the chance to see some of the things that those students do and looking for things I can do as well. I want to be as well-rounded as I can possibly be as I (hopefully) enter a Ph.D program and eventually a career. I think doing this now so I'll be used to it once I'm an academic is a good thing, so I'm rolling with it.

Fall's Coming:

Fall is my second favorite season, so I'm excited that the first day of Fall is right around the corner. I love the cooler temperatures (my whole life in the south and I still haven't gotten used to the summer heat yet) and getting to see the leaves change. I love that football and the Premier League seasons are in full swing. I love that some of my favorite shows are coming back on (can't wait for SVU and Scandal to come back...among other shows) Overall, I'm happy to ring in the fall and can't wait for what's up ahead (including a trip home to take my cousins to Fair Day, the wedding of my oldest friend, and a visit to a prospective Ph.D program's campus or two in October). It's going to be a crazy few months, but a fun next few months.

Good news:

I've been hoping that someone would bring August Wilson's American Century Cycle to the screen for months now. Thanks to Denzel Washington, that wish is coming true! He's developing the full Cycle for HBO. It'll be one play a year for the next ten years. Not sure why it's not going in chronological order, but this beggar can't be a chooser. I'm so excited. Here's my info about it if you're interested. 

September's Never Have I Ever:

ruptured my eardrum. Yep. After dealing with what turned out to be Bronchitis in August and all the yucky congestion and coughing that arose from that, the ole eardrum decided it had enough and ruptured a couple of Sundays ago. I ended up going in to find out what was happening that following Wednesday (had both jobs that Monday then job #1 and class that Tuesday) thinking that it was sinus infection only to find out that I had ruptured my eardrum. The pain is indescribable, but I've never hurt so much in my life. Four medications later, I'm on the mend. Hearing is still pretty shoddy, which is bad because my right ear is was my good ear (I was in band in high school and the left ear took the brunt of having to sit in front of trumpets or stand near my loud music listening didn't help matters) It's been an interesting last few weeks, that's for sure. Luckily, it hasn't kept me from doing much work-wise or class-wise, so I'm thankful for that. It hasn't been fun, but it could be a lot worse. It could always be worse.

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