Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Musings: Crazy Busy Week Ahead

In the next seven days, I will:

  • write two 5 page essays and take a 30 question midterm for my Civil Rights Movement class
  • fully participate in discussions for Women and Social Movements and African American Lit 1850-1900
  • finish writing and present a workshop paper about Cormac McCarthy's short stories
  • attend a conference workshop to learn how to seek conferences to submit to and attend
  • work my regular shifts at both jobs (17 hours at job 1 and 20 hours at job 2)
  • travel more than 1,000 miles in total
  • attend a book festival I've never been to before (:D) 
  • read journal submissions (hopefully more than I've become accustomed to because I'm not reading nearly enough, but something had to give as I'm still catching up from being sick for a couple of months...oh, plus the whole four grad classes and working two jobs sitch) 

So...yes...crazy busy week ahead (at least, crazy busy for me), but I'm oddly looking forward to it. I'm going to learn a lot, learn more about the world of academia I hope to one day enter, and also get to build upon that ole CV that I feel is woefully underwhelming at the moment (especially when reading CVs from fellow grad schoolers or Ph.Ders)

Catch ya on the other side! 

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