Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Musings: This Past Crazy Week

The past seven days have been crazy. On the Facebook, I referred to it as Crazy Week with a capital C and capital W for emphasis.

But I should elaborate. It was Crazy, but it was awesome.

To start off, it was Midterms Week. Luckily, only one of my four classes has a bona fide midterm while two others just had regular assignments to get through. However, that class with the midterm was pretty elaborate: two 5 page essays plus a thirty question multiple choice test. So that was a little unnerving with everything else going on. In spite of working on the essays a little bit every day (and some the week before as well), I was working basically to the wire (or at least my wire) while finishing them up. But they're turned in now and I did well on the test (280/300).

I also got to attend a Conference Workshop put on by the English Graduate Organization, which I'm very glad that I found out about this (accidentally as it was) because there's a lot of information about grad schooling and the life of academia. I got a lot of handy information about what I'll be doing basically from now on out.

Another reason I'm glad I went to the workshop was because the next day, I read a conference paper at the Cormac McCarthy conference that took place at my school. Just about the most terrifying thing I've ever done. In my life. Like ever. I ended up writing about McCarthy's short stories and the whole process was very eye-opening and I learned so much from beginning to finish. One thing that I did learn: the people you quote in your paper may be attending your reading...sitting on the front row...totally did not think about this while I was writing. But it all turned out okay and I enjoyed the privilege of getting my first experience of participating at a conference out of the way in the safe environment I was able to do so.

The conference paper reading was on a Thursday; less than 24 hours later, I was in Nashville to attend the Southern Festival of Books. I only stayed for Friday and Saturday, but got to see a conversation with Rebecca Wells (who I've literally loved for half of my life) and Wendell Pierce discussing his book. I also got to see what turned out to be a fascinating presentation discussing the history of Vascular Plants of Tennessee that my friend moderated as well as the writer of a book discussing Sonny Burgess moderated by another friend of mine (I love rockabilly, so attending this was awesome)

Instead of leaving for home straight from Nashville, I decided to go back to my apartment because when you have a Crazy Week, the little things like putting up laundry and things of that nature get ignored. Got the chance to clean up and get my apartment into working order before beginning Road Trip Part Deux.

This week will be a different kind of crazy week (not capitalized this time), but it's my Fall Break (AKA, not having to wake up before the sun for a week!) I'll get to see friends and family that I haven't seen for months or years. I'll also be touring some prospective Ph.D programs.

Very excited for what's ahead, but just as excited to get some rest! :D

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