Thursday, January 21, 2016

Booking Through Thursday: January 21

Every week, Booking Through Thursday asks a reading-specific question. I thought it would be fun to go through their archives and see what all I could find and answer. Here's a question I found from 2005 and my answer: 

1. It's hard to answer this question because I don't necessarily gravitate towards one genre or subgenre. I could hop from a romance novel to a memoir to a professional development book to a middle grade book and back to another romance novel. I have a very long To-Read List, To-Finish List, and ______ Says I Absolutely Have to Read This Book list. I mainly pick books from one of those lists, but I will sometimes check out a book at the front of the library if its cover catches my eye (yes, I judge books by their cover from time to time). 

My fourth way of choosing what to read focuses more on the who than what they write. There are also some authors that I like enough to where I will read anything they have written if I can get my hands on it and have time to finish it before it's due (most of the books I get my hands on are library books, so I have to make sure that I have enough time to read them before they're due).  

Last but not least: if I'm going on a long road trip, the audiobooks section of my local library is a must-visit before I go. In this case, I usually pick up a memoir/autobiography, a historical/nonfiction book, and a couple of fiction titles. If I'm lucky, I'll also find a play on the shelves that I have not already heard. I bring music on these trips as well, but I like to mix and match so I don't get bored while driving or riding. 

While several genres and subgenres engage me, I do specifically stay away from some. For example, I've never made it through a sci-fi, western, or fantasy. Not big on vampires, zombies, or the apocalypse either.  

2. Some of the authors that I will read no matter what are Debbie Macomber, Rebecca Wells, Dorothy Allison, and Mary Karr. My newest addition to this list is Marilynne Robinson thanks to Gilead and Lila that I have fallen absolutely in love with. I don't often re-read books once I've finished, but I will re-read books from my go-to authors (especially if there's a sequel or a new book with a tie-in coming out). 

When it comes to what I won't read, I'm pretty adamant on that. I've never read a page of a single Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings book. The only reason I read The Hunger Games was because the classes at the school I was interning at were reading it (although I ended up loving it and reading the other two books in the series, I don't see myself wanting to read anymore Don't Want To Reads anytime soon). 

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