Sunday, January 17, 2016

Taking Stock Sunday: January 17

 fave photo from this past week

Originally saw this Taking Stock post on Meet Me At Mike's and thought it was the perfect end of the week post. 

Here are the latest happenings: 

Making: plans
Cooking: up ideas
Drinking: water
Reading: journal submissions
Wanting: a good night's rest
Looking: haggard
Playing: music
Deciding: on what I want to do after this semester
Wishing: for a good night's rest
Enjoying: this break
Waiting: for a sign
Liking: just chilling out 
Wondering: how I want to start this new story idea of mine  
Loving: this song (RIP David Bowie)
Pondering: the book of Job 
Considering: completely rewriting one of my monstrosities (novel-length stories)
Buying: time
Watching: basketball
Hoping: for clarity
Marvelling: at those who have clarity?
Cringing: at the thought of food
Needing: to get a schedule set 
Questioning: everything. Always everything.
Smelling: nothing (winter allergies)
Wearing: my PJs
Following: the NFL playoffs
Noticing: that the light bulb in my lamp will be going out soon
Knowing: I should be putting up or washing laundry
Thinking: about the laundry I need to put up or wash
Admiring: those who've got this work-life balance thing figured out
Sorting: through ideas for a story idea that came to me during a nightmare
Getting: no rest 
Bookmarking: #Ham4Ham's performances so I can watch them all
Coveting: sleep
Disliking: not feeling well
Opening: yet another tab to Google something
Giggling: about #changeaconsonantspoilamovie
Feeling: very ill
Snacking: on nothing
Helping: myself to a jam fest.
Hearing: Common's "Testify"

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