Sunday, January 24, 2016

Taking Stock Sunday: January 24

fave pic of the week: Snow Day

  Originally saw this Taking Stock post on Meet Me At Mike's and thought it was the perfect end of the week post. 

Here are the latest happenings: 

Making: plans
Cooking: whatever I can microwave
Drinking : water
Reading: James Baldwin's Another Country and Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun
Wanting: to be home
Looking: for one more job
Playing: for keeps
Deciding: on what I'll be doing in these next few months
Wishing: I knew what I should do
Enjoying: the start of a new semester
Waiting: for my first grades
Liking: the books I'll have to read this semester (so far)
Wondering: about how live after this semester will look like
Loving: this song 
Considering: my options
Buying: new curtains (eventually)
Watching: church
Hoping: that things remain peaceful
Marvelling: at the last few flakes of snow that haven't melted yet
Cringing: at this presidential race
Needing: to be home
Questioning: everything
Smelling: nothing (gotta love year-round allergies)
Wearing: PJs
Following: espnW
Admiring: my friend Cheryl
Sorting: out a litany of feelings
Getting: prepared
Bookmarking: this Buzzfeed post
Coveting: this work station
Disliking: the amount of laundry I have to put up
Opening: a can of worms
Giggling: at everyone stepping in it over the Oscars controversy (just say no comment man...)
Feeling: sad
Hearing: Face The Nation

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