Sunday, January 31, 2016

Taking Stock Sunday: January 31

 fave pick of the week

Originally saw this Taking Stock post on Meet Me At Mike's and thought it was the perfect end of the week post. 

Here are the latest happenings: 

Making: plans
Cooking: lasagna (well, lasagna is being cooked for me)
Drinking: Naked and Odwalla smoothies
Reading: many books and articles (welcome back school)
Wanting: sleep
Looking: haggard
Deciding: on what I'm going to do next week
Wishing: that I had more time
Enjoying: aspects of being home
Waiting: for things to really get going
Liking: this song
Wondering: why my arms are breaking out
Loving: this Buzzfeed post (#90s forever)

Watching: Million Dollar American Princesses
Hoping: for no drama
Cringing: at the thought of going through this
Needing: to get through this
Smelling: lasagna cooking :)
Wearing: workout clothes
Following: Texas Humor...always good for a laugh or two
Thinking: about everything
Admiring: the amount of strength is takes to let go
Sorting: through all sorts of emotions
Getting: sick (again)
Bookmarking: this Fast Company post
Coveting: some time to process everything
Disliking: today and tomorrow
Giggling: at just about everything
Feeling: spent
Helping: my family
Hearing: water boil

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