Sunday, February 7, 2016

Taking Stock Sunday: February 7

 Originally saw this Taking Stock post on Meet Me At Mike's and thought it was the perfect end of the week post. 

Fave pic of the week.

Here are the latest happenings: 

Making: notes
Drinking: Naked or Odwalla every day (I don't eat enough or enough times a day to get all the fruit and veggie servings I need :~/)
Reading: Josh Kaufman's The Personal MBA
Wanting: to catch up on some TV shows
Looking: tired

Deciding: on which Ph.D programs that I want to apply to
Wishing: I didn't have to retake the GRE (though it might help to study for the right version this time around...long story....)
Enjoying: the peace and quiet
Waiting: for the night basketball games to start
Liking: these ideas
Wondering: how to create ^--- ideas on my budget
Loving: this playlist #90s forever!

Considering: what stories I want to write for workshop, for applications, and for submissions
Buying: a new computer monitor. 19 inch screen instead of 11!
Watching: Younger
Hoping: for a smooth week
Cringing: at the controversy that Formation is causing (though if it's true, it's deserved)

Questioning: how (or if) some of these story ideas can connect themselves into a collection 
Smelling: nothing (darn allergies)
Wearing: lounge clothes
Following: that having heat >>>>>>>>>>>> not having heat
Noticing: that my breakout is going away now that I realized I was using shampoo instead of body soap (another long story)
Thinking: about these new story ideas
Sorting: through a bunch of feelings and emotions that I'm not used to
Getting: ready for the week ahead
Bookmarking: this banana pudding recipe
Coveting: an Audible account (they have a wider selection than Overdrive)
Disliking: parts of The Autobiography of Malcolm X more than I thought I would. I think having to write a response paper about it enhanced said dislike.
Giggling: at Younger
Feeling: mixed emotions
Hearing: wind

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